Front and Back Book Cover of Chief Festival of the DruidsPublished 2015A soft cover booklet comprising of the four page document written by Roberts in the 18880's and then transcribed into beautiful illuminations by Leo de Pasqua in the early 1980's. This story outlines one of the ceremonies Roberts was a part of in the 1830's. Book can be purchased on
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Chief Festival of the Druids

Except from a song sung in in a ceremony on the seashore in Cornwall England in the 1830's. It was sung in the ancient language Cornish (Kymric):
"....the Druids and Christians shall meet on the shore
Foot to foot, knee to knee,
Breast to breast, embracing.
With the kiss of goodwill
We will fulfill
The ancient custom of Lamprying. etc..........

"Illustration by Leo del Pasqua of Chief Festival of the Druids for manuscript of the same name by John Hugh Roberts

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