The Stone Book of Knowledge

The Stone Book of Knowledge is 253 hand written book
which was written by John Hugh Roberts. This writing which was done at the turn of the century (1900) came into the hands of Dale Bertrand with an inheritance and strange series of synchronistical events in 1970-80's initiated by an Ancient Being.It includes Table of the Dominical Day,Epacts of Centuries, The Perpetual Horoscope, Rules of Inspiration and Revelation, Perpetual Triad,Tetragrammaton, The Migrating Tribes, The Figurative Man, The Secret Alphabet, The Taleisferries (Druid Money), Oghama, Runes,the Original Alpahabet, Map of Teman and much more.

There are approx 280 full pages comprising of lessons. After many years we have finally produced a full color version of the original writing. We are looking
for opportunities for the wide spread distribution of this important book.

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